Toddler Life: Coloring Easter Eggs

  Happy Friday, everyone! Easter is this weekend, and I decided I was going to dye eggs with my toddler. I went to the Dollar Tree a while ago and bought a coloring kit as well as one that came with a fancy-shmancy gold glaze. I knew that she’d be limited in what she could… Continue reading Toddler Life: Coloring Easter Eggs


Irish Faeries- Banshees and Changelings

Fun Fact FridayIrish LegendsSince Saint Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, I thought I’d dedicate this Fun Fact Friday to some legends from the Emerald Isle.  No, I’m not talking leprechauns or The Blarney Stone. I’m talking something a little on the darker side: Faeries. When I say “faeries, I don’t mean the adorable little… Continue reading Irish Faeries- Banshees and Changelings