Random May Faves!

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m bringing you the things that I’ve been loving for last month -and let’s be honest- into this month.

Metal straws


I first discovered my love for the metal straw at ComicCon, believe it or not. They had a company that did unlimited refills of drinks if you bought their commemorative cup. They also had -you guessed it- METAL STRAWS. That was it, I went to Walmart and bought some. Apart from the environmental benefits, they keep every sip of your drink super cold, which is awesome since I’ve been known to nurse an iced coffee all day.




I’m thinking of buying more of these because they are AMAZING for keeping drinks cold. I kid you not, I refilled it at Dunkin’ (pro tip: bring your own cup and ask for a refill. Sometimes you can get your coffee for A DOLLAR!) at 11 AM and it STILL HAD ICE IN IT by 8 PM. Yep, definitely need more for summer.


Mel Robbins

thShe’s amazing (as I mentioned in my previous post). I literally stalk follow her on almost every social media platform. I love her no bullshit, tough love way of getting across to you. She is literally one of THE most booked speakers in the world for a reason.

Black eraser

Screenshot (6)

I will never use any other kind of eraser again. No joke, people. Hate that your pencil is STILL there after you erase with a white or pink eraser? You will not get that with a black eraser. I got these from Amazon.


Mint tea

Screenshot (7)

My stomach was giving me issues lately (trapped gas, INSANE bloating to the point where I couldn’t move, eat, sleep for DAYS at a time). Mint tea was my savior. If you get those issues, I recommend you try some mint.


Happy Planner


I printed out random pages because mine doesn’t start until July. I also got the hole punch, which at $20 was pretty steep (and that was 50% off) but it will save me money in the long run because I can print my own inserts FOR ETERNITY and just keep the same cover and rings.


For some reason, my short term memory sucks lately (like, “why am I in this room again?” and not remembering how to finish a complete sentence, sucks) and sometimes by the time I pick up a pen to write something I’ve forgotten what it was. So I’m glad Alexa is there so I can literally just say what was in my brain so I don’t forget it.


Cindy Guentart-Baldo

th (1)

This woman is my favorite “planner” on YouTube. I feel like she’s like my soul sister. She’s sassy, inappropriate, and cusses like a sailor, which is awesome. She also has polycystic kidney disease (PKD) which is a genetic disease that she and her sister inherited from their dad, who passed away at the age of 40. She chronicles her struggles with the disease without making you pity her, which is an awesome attitude to have.


I bought myself a new laptop a couple months ago, and it has been awesome so far. I had the Lenovo Twist, which was a super gimmicky twistable 2-in-1 laptop that I bought when they first started coming out in 2013. The battery life on it has always sucked, so getting any work done on it while not attached to a wall was impossible. This one is also a Lenovo 2-in-1, but I didn’t need it for much (word processing, social media, maybe Spotify) so it isn’t fancy.

What have you been loving lately? Let us know down in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and until next time!