Hi everyone! I know it’s been a hot minute, but I’m back today with a list of things I’ve been doing (you know, while I’ve been on hiatus).


Currently, I am:


Watching- Star Trek (Next Generation and Voyager)

Not necessarily by choice, because my husband is pretty much obsessed and INSISTS there’s “nothing  else on.” I will admit though, some of the episodes are pretty relevant today, as they’re about prejudice toward other races and genders (or lack thereof). One of the episodes is about a race of aliens that are born WITHOUT gender and when they feel as though they are male or female, they are “conditioned.” Although it’s clearly the opposite to what goes on in today’s society, the premise sounds like what’s historically been done to anyone who feels “different,” right?

Listening to- Miranda Lambert


I love her “crazy” songs, because I don’t like traditional sappy country music. My two year old knows all the words to “Little Red Wagon” and some of “Mama’s Broken Heart.”


Happy Planner Mom Stickers


Notice how I said “wanting” and not “buying:” trying really hard not to spend any money as we’re penny pinching at the moment. I did, however, splurge on a new Happy Planner. I had been eyeing one for approximately FOREVER and I’ve been trying to be more rigid and productive. A while ago, I bought some new sticker books at Walmart, but I feel like they’re best suited for a professional who has meetings and appointments to go to on a regular basis. Come to find out that Happy Planner actually makes stickers specifically for moms, which I feel like would be more useful to me. But they’re at least $15 ON SALE, so that’s not happening.

5 Sec Journal


I’ll talk to you in my next post about my newfound obsession with Mel Robbins, but this is a totally different approach to the morning routine. She basically has called out famous people for bullshitting about their own morning routines. She says that your routine should work for you, or you won’t do it. She also tells us that instead of writing to-do lists, we should make sure that what we’re doing involves simple steps that will propel us toward our goals. This journal helps you plan out your day in a way that analyzes your energy levels rather than just what you want to get accomplished. She even has a printable template if you don’t want to buy one (just go to to get your free download).

Wearing- Walmart jeggings


All winter I was wearing workout clothes all day. I’m trying to look put together, and a baby step for me is to wear jeans (or in my case, jeggings) every day rather than my leggings or yoga pants.

Reading– 5 second rule


I know, more Mel Robbins (told you I was obsessed). I just really love her style: she’s a no-bullshit, tough love kind of person which is right up my alley. The premise of this book is that there is a 5 second window between your instincts and the time when your brain kicks in to “save you” from doing anything it deems “dangerous.” Essentially, that means you have 5 seconds to do what you have to do or your brain will trick you out of it.

Creating doodle challenges

I’ve been slacking so badly lately when it comes to anything creative, like writing or art.  I’m trying to start doing the daily challenges from Llamas Love Lettering and from the house competition on Harry Potter and the Order of the Planners (yep, certified nerd here).

Writing- blog posts!

Disliking- My inability to focus and stick to routine

My alarm is set to 5 AM every day so I can get some work done before everyone gets up. I have only gotten up at that time twice in the last two weeks, because I’m THE WORST.

Trying- avoiding comments on articles

It’s not that I can’t take other people’s opinions. It’s just when people’s comments are overtly judgy when they have no FUCKING CLUE what they’re talking about and have never been in another person’s shoes that gets me.

Planning- business marketing

I’m what I like to call an “extroverted-introvert,” which means that I can be friendly to strangers in public, but I’m not good at talking about myself to them. I am terrible at asking people for money, like donations or to buy something from me, because I feel fake and pushy. I’m trying to find ways to effectively market to my area without feeling like a total phony.

Drinking– lemonade

My toddler has been on a lemonade kick, so naturally I’ve been making some for myself too. Makes my fluid intake easier to increase.

Eating- plain yogurt with blueberries and chocolate chips

I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve been loving yogurt with fruit and  dark chocolate. I probably never would have eaten it before. I’m just trying to get more protein in, and this makes plain yogurt more bearable.

craving- alone time in nature

I say this is a “craving”, but I’m just lazy or find 1,000 other things to do rather than just take my journal or a book outside to the porch on a nice day.


So, my friends: What have you been up to lately? Feel free to use the categories I did to tell us in the comments!


I love you all for being so patient with me while I get myself sorted out. As always, thanks so much for reading, and until next time!