Spring (and Summer) Artwork

Hi everyone! Remember how a while back I had mentioned that I wanted to complete 3 paintings per season to decorate my entry? Well, I yet again visited Cinnamon Cooney (AKA theartsherpa on YouTube) and found some GORGEOUS springtime paintings to use as inspiration. I decided to go with some purples and pinks as my main colors, because my stairs tend to be kind of dark and the fall and winter paintings were all darker colors.

20190423_1735257718577173970657248.jpg     20190423_1734077742973073587164686.jpg

The first is a wisteria tree, which was super easy and only took about half an hour.


The second is a fantasy-type tree holding the moon.


The third was the most difficult, but also my personal favorite. Cinnamon says that she made the painting for her daughter to capture her free spirit. My little girl is a wild child, so I showed her the painting first, and she loved it. In fact it took me two tries to paint it, and I made the mistake of telling her it would be finished before she woke up from nap. When she woke up and saw a painted-over canvas, she CRIED and said “mommy, you didn’t make my painting…😢 I felt so bad. So I told her that it would be done by the time she woke up the next morning. So my tired ass was up at 4:30 AM (on Easter Sunday, mind you) making this for her. When she woke up and saw it she gasped and said “mommy, you made my little girl on the swing! Thank you!” So, worth it.




Which one is your favorite? DO you like doing wine and paint nights? Seriously, crack open a bottle, have some friends over, and pull up one of theartsherpa’s tutorials. Way cheaper than a paint and wine night out.

Thanks for reading, and until next time!