Toddler Life: Coloring Easter Eggs


Happy Friday, everyone! Easter is this weekend, and I decided I was going to dye eggs with my toddler. I went to the Dollar Tree a while ago and bought a coloring kit as well as one that came with a fancy-shmancy gold glaze. I knew that she’d be limited in what she could really help with, considering how much that stuff stains.

For a few of them, I used the “magic crayon” which is really just clear wax that resists the dye, so whatever you draw shows up white after the egg has been colored. I asked her what she wanted me to draw, and she told me she wanted shapes like hearts, triangles, circles, and squares. I ended up stealing one of her eggs when she said she wanted a triangle, and decided to do this with it:

Oh, come on… Her mom is a total nerd and couldn’t help it.

I used the shrink-wraps on a few of the eggs, but I didn’t use vinegar so the colors faded when they were in the boiling water.


A few of the eggs that we just colored without putting any designs on got the golden glaze treatment. It only came with a tiny little packet, so if you wanted to make the entire egg gold, it probably only would have been good enough for one egg. I put the glaze in the plastic bag that came in the kit and put 3 eggs in, and kind of smushed the glaze on the eggs. When they came out of the bag, they had this nifty marbled look.

When the eggs that were dyed and drawn on were dry, peanut decorated them with stickers. She has a little bit of OCD, so when I say “decorated” I mean “put the stickers in perfectly straight lines on the eggs.” I kept handing her stickers because she doesn’t have the fine motor skills to get the tiny stickers off the paper yet, and she got bored within 5 minutes of sticking them on the eggs.

After about 5 minutes of stickers, she was bored as hell. This was about 3 minutes in…

Do you celebrate Easter? We only do in a secular fashion, so we do the bunny (which she was absolutely PETRIFIED of this year, so her picture had to be taken without said bunny) and egg hunt bit. How do you celebrate? Tell us in the comments. I love seeing other people’s holiday traditions!


Thanks so much for reading, and until next time!