Motivational Monday “Don’t Tear Down other People’s Buildings…”

Happy Monday, y’all! (Sorry, I’m actually posting this on Tuesday AM, because I forgot to hit post yesterday… OOPS!) 

Today I thought I’d bring back Motivational Monday because of something I saw in a YouTube video the other day. I watch Amy Landino (or AmyTV), who is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and creator. She talks a lot about productivity and time management, and lord knows I need some of that shit in my life.  She posted a “Get Ready with Me” Q & A, and she responded to a question that her subscribers had asked about dealing with negativity. She brought up a quote/lesson from her friend and fellow motivational speaker Gary Vaynerchuck, which really resonated with me:

“I want to build the biggest building in town, by actually building the biggest building in town. Don’t tear down other people’s buildings… that’s loser shit. If you’re a true winner, JUST BUILD IT.”

Some people are so damn worried about other people and what they’re doing that they aren’t worried about their own accomplishments. Instead of bettering themselves, they want to tear down other people and their lives to make themselves look amazing in comparison. Think of it as those assholes we all knew in high school that would befriend someone they deemed uglier than them so they’d be “hotter” in comparison. That is a telltale sign that they are insecure, a narcissist, and quite possibly a bully.


Don’t be one of those people. You don’t need to tear down other people’s lives and achievements to make yourself successful. If you have a winning attitude (and a kick-ass work ethic) you KNOW your building is going to go up and that it’s going to be the biggest in town.


As always, thanks for reading and until next time!