Big Girl Room!

Hi all! My toddler just turned 2 ½ last week, and I thought it was just time to suck it up and give her a “big girl room.” I had just given her a toddler set-up when she was a little over a year and a half old, but the max height for a toddler mattress is 36 inches, and she is just about 2 inches shy at this point.

I already had a headboard from her crib, which was a full size. There is absolutely no space for a full size bed in her room. I had mentioned in an earlier post how we had registered for a convertible crib. Well, we never picked up the conversion rails, and they discontinued the crib (because why wouldn’t they).

I had already finagled the crib and made it a toddler bed by taking off just the front and using a top piece from the footboard to brace the bed together, because they wanted $100 for a FREAKING TODDLER RAIL. Yeah, I spent $30 on Amazon on one that hooks up under the mattress.

Since her latest growth spurt, she had become too long for her mattress and was actually falling out of her crib at night, even with the rail. So we decided it was time to get her the last bed she’ll ever need in our house and bought her a twin size. I got a $60 metal frame with bars and a $60 bunk bed mattress, both from Walmart.

I asked my brother in-law to cut down the headboard from full to twin size, and bought some brackets on Amazon to attach it to the frame. I drilled a couple holes into the headboard and secured it to the frame with bolts.

Peanut also decided that she wanted a princess room, because of course. So we found a Nella the Princess Knight canopy on clearance at Target, and hooked it up once her bed was set up. Her ceiling is low, so I trimmed the bottom so it hits just past the top of the mattress. I attached her castle to the wall, because BS, I worked too hard on that damn thing not to use it. I also kept her dragon mobile for the same reason.

If you notice the little orange “Mickey” sticker, no it’s not because there are “hidden Mickeys” everywhere in Disney. It’s because the girl in the grocery line thought  my little one was cute and made it with the little orange “paid” stickers they stick on milk jugs and gave it to her. 😂

I always loved the idea of the signpost (when she was born, it pointed to different kingdoms from Game of Thrones; When she got a little older, it was storybook places). Now, I made her one that points to fictional Disney places as they relate to the princesses (Agrabah for Jasmine, Maldonia for Tiana, Corona for Rapunzel, etc.)

This time I updated her signpost with fictional places as they relate to the princesses. I added Sofia and Elena, because they’re pretty awesome, too.

So what do you think of her new big girl room? I’m still working on some artwork for her wall, but it hasn’t gone past conception phase because I don’t want it to be a total train wreck. I’ll let you know what comes about when I try and get it done.

As always, thanks so much for reading, and until next time!