A New Journey


“Much of spiritual life is self-acceptance, maybe all of it.”

                                                                       -Jack Kornfield

Good morning, all! In my post about my goals for the month, I mentioned a couple things I said I’d talk more about in a future post.  Well, this is that post, and it might be a long one. If you have the time, grab a cup of your “poison” of choice and get ready for something very different.

Note: I am someone who respects and always wants to learn more about other people’s beliefs. I like to think I take an anthropological view of what people believe and how it makes them who they are. I don’t like being preached to, and very rarely does anyone else. I humbly ask that you please keep any religious (or any other) intolerance to yourself if you want to keep reading here. If you can do that, my lovely readers, we can still be friends.


With that said, let’s get on with it.

Something New

Beginning in November, my anxiety was THROUGH THE ROOF. Why? My husband’s job was in jeopardy. During this time, I found a website about self-care from the lovely Dominee Wyrick at www.blessingmanifesting.com. From there, I found her FaceBook group called “The SoulSisterhood.” I was amazed at how supportive the community was there, especially with regard to mental health.  For my first post in the group, I wrote that I had lost my faith and was feeling lost spiritually. I asked what religions/spirituality the members of the group practiced (I know, the cardinal rule of being social involves specifically NOT discussing religion, but I took a shot). The response I got was overwhelmingly positive. The post ended up with a TON of comments discussing religion and beliefs with no judgement whatsoever. Literally, we were just a group of human beings discussing our belief systems, as it should be.

While I was a member of this group, I noticed that a lot of women there were practicing a New Age-type of spirituality, whether that be Wicca or “modern witchcraft,” which takes bits and pieces of mysticism from Wicca and other religions. I was intrigued.  Soon after, Dominee announced that she was starting a new group called The MoonSisterhood, specifically about this type of spirituality. I was one of the first to sign up.

Now before you think I’m a nutcase, let me tell you that for years I thought this stuff was hippie woo-woo BS. My mom and mother-in-law are firm believers in spirits and mediums. Being ever the logical one, I always was the person trying to disprove John Edwards on TV.

Questioning My Faith

I was raised Catholic, and as I got older, I went through a ton of stuff that made me question what I was taught. But I still prayed. Prayed that my dad would get through open-heart surgery and strokes. Prayed that my mom’s breast cancer would end up in remission. I realize now, that when I prayed, it wasn’t “Dear God, please….” It was literally just “please….” I was throwing it out into the universe, instead of any one particular deity.

Looking more into it, my beliefs ended up aligning with a more metaphysical type of spirituality. Yes, that means crystals, tarot cards, and smudging out negativity with sage and lemon. Is it a placebo effect? Maybe, but I feel like if you look from an atheistic point of view, ANY religion or belief system looks like a placebo effect.

Putting my Spirituality to Work

Fast forward to the end of March (and beginning of April), and I am now in a new anxiety-inducing dilemma. Remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned my husband’s job situation? Yeah, as of April 2, his employment was *surprise, surprise* terminated. I can’t get into why, but he is now unemployed: and was bringing home 95% of our family’s income.

This spirituality has actually kept me sane over the last few weeks, as have my fellow members of The MoonSisterhood.  I have Dominee to thank for helping me find what I truly believe in, and for introducing me to the most supportive group of people on the internet.  I highly recommend you check out her website at www.blessingmanifesting.com and her FaceBook groups, The SoulSisterhood and The MoonSisterhood. If you’re just looking to make some friends, the SoulSisterhood is for you. If you’re like me and are more into the metaphysical side of things, check out The MoonSisterhood.

Thank you so much for reading my ramble about my new spiritual journey. I hope that if your soul ever feels “lost” that you find your way to something that sets it on fire. Also, feel free to share your spirituality and belief system here, without fear of judgement.


Thanks so much for reading, and until next time!