February Homeschool Activities: What Kept my Toddler Busy this Month


Hi all! Since it’s the last post of the month, I thought I’d show you what activities I’ve done with peanut for the month. For those who didn’t know, I was a preschool teacher before I had my daughter, and we had to do lesson plans based on weekly themes. I went to what used to trusty lesson planning website (www.preschool-plan-it.com), and took down some themes for each month. A few of the themes for the month of February were:

  • Winter
  • Winter animals
  • Valentines Day
  • Dental Health

For the winter theme, one of the things we made were tape-resist snowflakes. She couldn’t figure out what to do with the tape (plus she’s not very good touching anything sticky or slimy), so I made the patterns on the paper and let her paint over the top of the paint. Then she helped me peel the tape off when it dried.


It also snowed the week we did this, but by the time she’d be able to play in it, it turned to rain. So I left a bucket outside and let it fill up with snow and brought it in for her to play with it.


For winter animals, we did a handprint penguin and a cute little polar bear. I cut the penguin out of black paper and painted her hand white to be the penguin’s belly (remember how I said she doesn’t like anything slimy? Yeah, she was NOT a fan of this one). I then let her glue on the eyes, beak, and feet. For the polar bear, I cut out the shape of the bears head and she used a paintbrush to paint glue all over it. She then stuck cotton balls on it and I helped her put a little more glue on the eyes and nose.

Another thing we did was a number and letter activity with her magnetic number and letter set. I printed out a sheet with a winter scene on it and used contact paper to laminate it. For the first activity I asked her what letter each image on the page started with and she placed the correct letter on the image. For the next activity we did, I took a dry erase marker and put a different number of dots on each image and had her match the number of dots to the actual numeral.

For Valentine’s Day I used a toilet paper roll and bent and folded it into the shape of a heart. I taped it so it would keep its shape. Then I gave her paint and let her stamp a page with hearts.


For Dental Health, I drew a tooth on the fridge with dry-erase crayon (I thought it looked like a tooth, I had to tell her what it was 😂) I then used a neon-yellow dry erase marker and gave her a wet toothbrush to clean off the yellow on the tooth.

It was a short month so I didn’t get to do much with her in terms of themed activities. She has a tough time sitting still for crafts, so I have to do things that are easy and fast with her. I put the finished projects up on her bedroom door, and she loves looking at them and showing people what she made when they come to the house.


Thanks for reading, and until next time!