Top 5 Rookie Mom Mistakes I’ve Made (So You Don’t Have To)

Hi all! Today I’m bringing to you my list of top five mistakes I’ve made as a first time mom, that way you can avoid making them yourself. This whole parenting thing is difficult and absolutely exhausting, and I wish someone had told me these things before I became a mom, especially now that I have a toddler.

This is what I look like on a regular basis dealing with my toddler, except not as cute.

Buying a huge box of your kid’s “favorite food” at the warehouse store. I can’t tell you how many phases peanut has been through where she just LOOOOVVVEEESSS something for a couple weeks and then never wants to touch them again. I have wasted (read: ATE) so much damn toddler food because I bought it in bulk just for my kid to hate it.

Getting all worked up over routine. You WILL have to change it a MILLION times. I’ve talked before about how much I need a morning routine, and I thought that I’d try and plan out my entire day. I decided to try planning out my toddler’s day, too. While it worked for a few days, she became really resistant to it after a while. A few months ago I was making a point of staying in her room until she fell asleep. Then I started just reading and singing to her and then leaving the room. I noticed when I left her alone and shut the door, she was getting up to play instead of staying in bed. So I started just kissing her goodnight, walking away but leaving the door open. Now I have to put the ceiling projector and music on, remind her that “mommy is just on the couch, and then I’m going to bed, too,” walk out, and shut the door. I’ll probably have to change it up YET AGAIN when we get her a twin bed (which will be soon. She’s tall and moves around a lot. She got tangled in her blanket and fell out of bed the other day). I’ll chalk it up to the whole “toddlers are testing the waters of independence” thing for now, but when she gets older I might reintroduce a daily routine and see how she does.

Spending a crapload of money on toys or clothes. I thought my days of my kid seemingly growing out of things in a week was over. Ha! She’s a little string bean: super skinny with really long legs. I swear to you, 2t pants are too wide, but too short. She outgrows them so quickly. Same thing goes for toys. One or two age appropriate toys is great, but I kid you not, my kid still plays with some of the same toys as when she was a baby. For her first Christmas she got a little box set of Disney Junior board books. She STILL plays with them. In fact, a couple have finally fallen apart, and when they did, she was DEVASTATED. Like “oh, no mommy! Sofia’s broken! What we gonna do?” devastated.

Letting your kids eat whatever they want. When peanut was a year old, this kid would eat almost EVERYTHING you put in front of her. Then I made the mistake of letting my kid choose between what we were having and what she wanted, and now she only eats five things. Most people say “it’s just a phase” or “she’s just asserting her independence.” Except she literally only eats the same 5 things over and over, and refuses to try anything new. I’m hoping that when she gets a little older, I’ll be able to do the “try one bite and then you can have ____” thing.

Getting visibly pissed off about your kid’s behaviors. Children, beginning at toddler age start behaving a certain way to get a reaction from the adults around them. For example, my toddler REFUSES to take a nap at my parent’s house. The other day I had to work during what would have been her naptime. I put her in her playpen and didn’t turn anything on; no TV, no music, nothing. She jumped up and down throwing her pillow and stuff out of her playpen, trying to get my attention, but I ignored her. And you know what? SHE PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP.

Does anyone else have anything that they did when they were new moms that they’d never do again? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and until next time!