Worth a Listen: The NoSleep Podcast

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite possibly THE biggest wimp on the face of the planet when it comes to FICTIONAL horror stuff. My husband’s best friend goofs on me because I’m terrified of horror movies, but I’d totally do a paranormal investigation any night of the week. I think it’s because any time anything “real” has been described to me, it doesn’t seem as scary as the stuff Hollywood makeup artists and special effects people come up with.

Today I’m going to bring to you a review of a podcast that I discovered a few months ago and am recently getting back into: The No Sleep Podcast. Sounds like a boring account of mommy life, right? Wrong. The NoSleep Podcast is based on the Reddit thread of the same name, where people post some creepy shit, real or otherwise. The podcast then takes these stories and reads them aloud in the first person, so it’s like listening to a ghost story or urban legend around a campfire. There are even a few stories where you kind of have to use your imagination because there’s no concrete ending.


Go ahead and laugh, but I listen to it on my daily 1 ½ hour walk (it’s about 45 minutes each way) to my dad’s house every weekday morning.  I live in a not-so-safe city, and I feel like listening to this instead of music makes me SUPER vigilant when I walk, especially when I have my little peanut with me. Yeah, I won’t listen at night, because as I said before, I’m a huge pansy.

So if you’re into horror stuff and need something to listen to on your commute or while doing chores (or, you know, if you’re a sadist and just want to listen to freak yourself out for fun) I’d definitely recommend The NoSleep Podcast. I listen to it on Spotify, but it’s available on other platforms, as well as on their website at www.thenosleeppodcast.com.


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