Potty Training and Sleep Regression: Are They Related?

Hey everyone! My last post was about the glorious “terrible twos,” and this one is about another one that every mom goes through: potty training. Not only am I going to talk about my current experience with it, but also another fabulous side effect of it: sleep regression.

When they’re babies and learning new skills like crawling, standing, walking, etc., kids can experience what’s known as sleep regression. That baby could sleep for 14 hours every night… until they all of a sudden have you up at 2 AM. This is because when they’re learning a new skill, they want to practice it 24/7. When they’re learning to stand, they will be up every hour grabbing those bars. Now, it’s most common up to when the child is a year and a half old. Now mine, on the other hand, is going through it BECAUSE of the potty.

Now, she’s not even close to being potty trained. I’ve always known it would be WAAYYY more difficult for her than most other kids and here are the reasons why:

  1. She has NEVER been uncomfortable in a wet/dirty diaper. I’ve always said that she’d be perfectly content if I let her sit in her own shit all day.
  2. She’s also always had a problem with constipation. We had to try FIVE different formulas to get one that wouldn’t back her up.
  3. She is stubborn as hell. I usually offer her a reward of chocolate, stickers, AND time on my tablet if she uses the toilet. If she has her mind set on NOT using that damn toilet, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you give her a freaking pony. She’s not going to use it.

I think she’s experiencing this sleep regression because using the toilet (or trying to) has made her the slightest bit more aware of what’s going on with her body. So if she goes in her pullup in the middle of the night, she wakes up, even if it doesn’t register with her that THAT’S what woke her up.

I even had to explain this to my doctor, because I’ve been sleeping like crap. He told me that that could be part of the reason that my blood pressure is high and that I’m gaining weight: my body is trying to get energy from food to compensate for the fact that I can’t sleep.

Have you experienced this with your kids before? Was there anything that helped them (and by extension, you) sleep better? Let us know in the comments!

As usual, thanks so much for reading. Until next time!