Try It Tuesday: Emily Wants

Hey everyone! This week’s posts are going to be about makeup, so skip them if that’s not your cup of tea. Today I’m doing a review of a product that I just picked up, and Thursday will be a look I put together with it.

Today I’ll be reviewing a product that is apparently very controversial. Several months ago, Emily Eddington (AKA emilynoel83 on YouTube) released a collab with Makeup Revolution. Another YouTuber, Tati Westbrook, did a first impressions video using some of the products from the collection, and it became an all-out feud. Supposedly Tati says they hashed it out between them, and thought it was over. Yet another influencer whose name I don’t even remember, made a ridiculously negative video response to Westbrook’s review (to which Emily commented, thanking her for her support), which prompted Westbrook to respond with a video. Now here’s the thing about Tati: apparently NO ONE is allowed to leave her any type of criticism in her comments. How is it possible that literally NOT A SINGLE COMMENT says anything negative? I get not liking anyone saying bad things about you, but seriously? I can’t even say I’m not a fan of the color combination she used? I mean, come on. If you can’t handle the public’s criticism, social media is not a platform for you. Also, she insists her videos are “all about the makeup,” and that her negative review was not attacking Emily personally. If it’s “all about the makeup,” why bother responding to someone else’s stupidity? Just delete the legitimate hate comments and move on. I don’t agree with Emily’s handling of the situation either, because the woman whose video she commented on was just tearing Tati apart, and she basically told her that she appreciated her response. Due to this complete absurdity, I no longer follow either of them on YouTube.

But let’s get to the important content: MY opinion of the makeup.

I saw this monstrosity of a palette for $20 at Ulta, loved the colors and decided to give this a shot (mind you, this was before I knew about this stupid beef). The mirror is gargantuan, so no need to stand in my bathroom to do my makeup.

So in the Emily Wants Palette, these are the shades we’re working with (super cute that she named two of them after her daughters):

emily edit

And here they are swatched out on my arms, with and without flash:

There is a good mix of shimmer, metallic, and matte shadows in this palette.The shimmers and metallic shades are fabulously pigmented. The mattes do apply a little bit chalky, but that’s kind of expected from a cheaper brand. I will say, I have been more disappointed with shadows from more expensive brands, so the bang for your buck is fantastic. There is a bit of fallout, especially from some of the darker shades, so definitely need to do eyes BEFORE face when using this palette.

So here are the pros and cons of the Emily Wants palette:


· inexpensive ($20)

· pigmented metallic and shimmers

· GIGANTIC mirror

· Pretty jewel tones


· Fallout with deeper shades

· Somewhat chalky mattes

This palette gets an 8 out of 10 from me, because the cons can be dealt with by using primer, wetting the shadows, and doing the eyes before the rest of the face.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the Emily Wants palette, and in my next post, I’ll show you a look I did with it.

Has anyone else tried the Emily Wants palette? Let me know your opinion of it in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading, and until next time!