Happy Friday, everyone! As promised, today I’m bringing you the latest (and most detailed) project I’ve done to date. AS I showed you on Monday, I made my cousin a “Geek Family Rules” canvas for Christmas. I got a text a few weeks later from my brother saying he “might have a project” for me. I was curious and also dreading it, because while I love him dearly, my brother can be a very particular and a pain in the ass…. He tells me he wants his favorite poem written out with a background of day-night sky and mountains. At first I had such enthusiasm for it… until I saw this poem. For those of you who have never read it, “If” by Rudyard Kipling is THIRTY-TWO lines long. It might as well have been the fucking Odyssey.

This was another project that I had to do more than once. The first time I did it, the canvas I bought buckled when I was writing the words (thankfully, I was able to use a paint pen for this job instead of a paintbrush). I also don’t normally prime the canvas with gesso as they are pre-primed. I think they forgot to prime this one. I had also bought some cheaper “artist” acrylic paint at Walmart. It didn’t cover the white of the canvas and I kept seeing white spots poking through.

With the second one, I was not taking any chances. I primed the canvas and bought my good old Apple Barrel Matte Black craft paint. Thankfully, this did the trick.

It took absolutely FOREVER and was a total pain in the ass, but I was happy with the result, and so was my brother.


Well, friends? How did I do? I’m hoping to bring you more art videos in the future, because I’m definitely doing a lot more with it.

As usual, thanks for reading, and until next time!!