Acrylic Family Tree

Hey, all!

In keeping with my artsy theme that I started this week, I thought I’d show you the next thing I just finished up.

My husband and I got married in 2015, and for a gift for my parents, I had made them a painting of our family tree. Seeing as I work as a part-time PCA for my dad, I see that thing on a regular basis. I’ve always been my biggest critic, so now that I have more experience painting with acrylics, I knew I could do WAY better than that.

Every day I saw this thing, I kept thinking a 10 year-old could have done a better job.

So here’s what I made instead. I decided to go with a sunset effect for the background, with a twilight sky toward the top and some stars. I also put peanut’s name in a star being held up by the branches with mine and my husband’s names on them.

Much better, no?

I enjoyed doing this one, and it was a lot easier to do than the next one I made, which you’ll see on Friday.

Until next time, friends!