Santa Came for Mommy, Too: What I Got For Christmas

Hi, folks! In my last post, I told you about what peanut got for Christmas this year. I also posted last week about my husband giving me the illustrated editions of the first three Harry Potter books. I also got a bunch of other goodies, which I’ve been using and loving since I got them. My hubby got me most of this stuff, but it was stuff I had put on my Amazon list, so they weren’t really a surprise.

Superior Watercolor Palettes



These are super cheap, but they don’t work like they’re cheap. For off-brand watercolors in TEENY TINY pans, they come off super opaque when you don’t use a lot of water.


Arteza Water Brushes


These water brushes are awesome, especially if you want to paint on the go. When the weather gets warmer, I’ll definitely take these for a spin outdoors, along with the aforementioned watercolor palettes.

Arteza Watercolor Pencils (72 count)


I had bought a set of Sargent watercolor pencils at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, and never really used them. Once I finally got around to trying them, I found out THEY SUCK. The pencils didn’t blend with water and are really inconsistent as far as pigmentation. But then I saw some artists using these bad boys on YouTube. They’re fantastic. They are literally like someone took a pan of watercolors and shrunk it to fit in a pencil. They’re pretty good when used dry, too.

Arteza Fineliners (72 count)


I love fineliners, especially when I want to color mandalas and other detailed designs. I used to HATE those types of things, because I could never get a colored pencil sharp enough to fit between the lines. The barrel of each pen feels super cheap and flimsy, but for the most part, the colors are good (I had to throw one of the purple shades away because it came to me almost as if it was already dry, but I won’t fault the entire package over one dud).

Harry Potter Notebooks



These were a special gift from my peanut (I bought my husband a set of 4 Star Wars bowls from her, and once he found out, he had to get me something from her, too). The first part was a set of two lined notebooks (A5 size) with pretty grey paper and designs for the spells on each page. The other was a set of three pocket-sized notebooks, one ruled, one graph, and one blank. I’m using the larger ones as part of my travelers notebook (more info coming up in a later post), and I have one of the little ones in my bag to write things down so I don’t forget them.

Tombow Fudenosuke Pens (Hard Tip, 5 pack)


I got these in my stocking. I’m trying to work more on handlettering this year, and these are some of the best out there for beginners. The tips aren’t as flimsy as other brush pens, so if you’re heavy handed like me (another thing I’m working on) it’s easier to get thin upstrokes because you have to put more pressure on the nib to make a thinner downstroke.

Well, loves, those are the things this lucky girl for Christmas this year! What did everyone else get? I can’t wait to play around with these art supplies some more and show you what I make with them!

Until next time!