Santa Claus Came to Town: What My Toddler Got for Christmas

Hi everyone! I thought I’d take this (late) opportunity to share with you what our lucky little one got for Christmas this year! Christmas is tough because her birthday is in October, and now that she’s older, she’s not growing so fast. Everything she needed, she got for her birthday. So it took quite a few trips to Walmart for her to actually tell us what she wanted to ask Santa for. The things I’m listing here she got from Santa, Mommy, and Daddy, and so far, she loves ALL OF IT. The first three items were the only consistent things she said she wanted, the rest were surprises.

Little Virtuoso Sing and Play Learning Keyboard


This thing is so freaking cute, and honestly, when she won’t put it away, I Bogart it to play the Star Wars or Harry Potter themes…

Discovery Kids Digital Camera


We had purchased something like this for our niece when she was little, too. It’s got a rubber and plastic bumper around the entire camera, so drops and scuffs are no biggie. The pictures come out crappy, but it’s a kid’s camera, we’re not doing photo shoots with it) It’s super easy to use -just point and shoot- but it doesn’t have a flash, which kind of stinks. She loves using it, and she has taken approximately 1,000 pictures of the floor and walls…

Melissa and Doug Minnie Mouse Magnetic Dress Up


She already has the Belle version of this, but she saw the Minnie one and would not shut up about it. She also calls them her “Minnie blocks” which is cute.

Minnie Mouse Wooden Puzzle Set


This one was specifically from her daddy. He has been working crazy hours for MONTHS and for a while, and wasn’t able to see her very much (he’d go to work before she got up and came home after she went to bed), so he wanted to get her something special. The puzzles themselves are fine, but the package was absolute crap. Firstly, the wooden box fell apart the minute I opened it. Secondly, there are FIVE puzzles in the box, and once the pieces are all thrown back in, the only way to know which pieces belong to which puzzle are the numbers printed on the back of each piece. My OCD would simply NOT stand for that, so I’m putting each puzzle in its own little storage bag.

Princess Nail Polish Set


She’s been going through “girly-girl” phases lately where she wants to wear (stick-on) earrings and have her nails painted. So I saw this gift set at WalMart and picked it up. It’s cute, but some of the colors are annoying because they’re transparent. I try to hide those because I know that when she picks them, she’s going to be mad that her nails don’t look like the color in the bottle.

Mickey and Minnie Lip Balm Set


Just the smell of these is pure nostalgia for me. It came with 4 lip balms and the little decorative tin, which I’ll have to find a use for.

PAW Patrol Bath Paint and Crayons


We got her the set, but split it up for her stocking. It came with 4 tubes of bath paint, 5 bath crayons, a paintbrush, a paw print stamp, and a little palette. Thank goodness they sell this thing all year at WalMart, because she’ll already be running out in about a week, and she’d be PISSED. Every time I tell her it’s bath time, she asks “I can paint, mommy?”

Foam Bath Letters


Why are bath toys so gross? I had to get rid of a whole bunch because of mold, and she had asked for them when she saw them at the store. She’s obsessed with letters and “spelling,” so I figured we’d encourage her to do more with them.

LeapFrog 2-in-1 Laptop


This is a little advanced age-wise for her (it says 3-5 on the package) but we went ahead and got it because she already had one that she had outgrown. She also loves learning about her letters and numbers, and that’s generally what 3-5 year olds are learning. She doesn’t really understand the concepts in some of the games, and won’t really play them unless I’m sitting with her. Mostly she just likes typing on a laptop (which she pronounces lap-A-top) like a big girl.

Well friends, that’s what our super lucky little girl got for Christmas! What did your little ones get this year? Comment below!

As always, thanks for reading, and until next time!