“I don’t expect a perfect work:” Wisdom from Alexander Hamilton

Hello all! Today is January 11, which makes it the birthday of one of the most well-known characters on Broadway: Alexander Hamilton.

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I kid, I literally know nothing about the play. I’m not huge on American History, either, but there’s one quote that resonates with me, especially at the beginning of the year when we’re all gung-ho about meeting our goals.




We have been conditioned to expect perfection from ourselves as well as others. Social media is infamous for making us feel insecure, because so-and-so is a size 2, wears makeup every day, and generally looks like she has a perfect life. My friends, that is called “the highlight reel.” The fact is NONE of us are perfect. So-and-so might be starving herself to be a size 2, or that full coverage foundation is hiding a bruise from the last fight she had with her “perfect husband.” I am rarely in a photo without concealer under my eyes, and I almost never wear any on a regular basis (I’m trying to make it part of my routine, but we’ll see how it goes). We need to stop comparing our lives to those of others, because we have no idea what’s hiding behind that IG filter.

None of us are perfect, so you shouldn’t expect to have someone else’s version of a perfect life. Just be grateful for the things that make it YOUR perfect life.


Hugs, and until next time!