Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Books!

Good evening, friends, and welcome to Blogmas Day 7! Sorry I’m so late with this one, my toddler had some tummy troubles all day. Funny thing is when she’s sick, she doesn’t cry or whine all that much. What she does do is touch everything and turn the house upside down. So of course today she needed some extra attention. Also, my computer was misbehaving again earlier when I tried to post.  The little is asleep now and everything is settled, so without further ado, here’s my list of munchkin’s favorite Christmas books!

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Llama, Llama Holiday Drama (Anna Dewdney) of course she loves this one, it’s freaking Llama Llama. This one is cute because it’s about how overwhelming the holidays can be for kids. Not only do they patiently have to wait for Santa, there’s just SO much going on all season long. I love how the Llama books remind me to see things from a little one’s perspective.

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      Merry Christmas, Stinkyface! (Lisa McCourt)- She has almost all the Stinkyface books, and she’s loved them since she was really small. Stinkyface has quite and imagination, and I can’t help but think this kid has some anxiety and is legitimately worried about the things he asks his mom about. But I love how his mama always has an answer for every question he has about “what if…”


Santa’s Stuck (Rhonda Gowler Greene)- Ever wonder what happens to Santa after he eats all the cookies the good boys and girls leave for him on Christmas Eve? Yeah, his fat ass gets stuck in a chimney. All the animals in the house come to help the reindeer get Santa out. They finally succeed with the help of a tiny mouse, because this is a kids’ book and of course it’s the tiniest animal that saves the day.


The Polar Express (Chris van Allsburg) The language and the length of the book is pretty advanced for her, but I think she just loves the pictures. The last two years she has sat through the entire story, and now she just loves the part where the kids are drinking hot chocolate.


Nella the Knight Before Christmas (Christine Ricci) She loves Nella the Princess Knight on Nick Jr., and I love it too. I’m a sucker for shows telling girls they can be whatever the hell they want. Wanna be a girly-girl princess but kick ass too? Sure! You can be a Princess Knight. Nella ends up saving Christmas when some dragons steal Santa’s bag and she teaches them the true meaning of Christmas when she invites them to celebrate with her family.

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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell (Lucille Colandro)- My husband picked this book up for her and she so adorably brings it up every time she grabs it for me to read to her (“Daddy got this book for me, mommy!”). Typical of the old lady with some sort of eating disorder, she eats everything Christmas-y and then burps it all out just in time for Santa’s big flight.

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Pete the Cat Saves Christmas! (Eric Litwin) Oh this feline has just captured the hearts of kids everywhere, hasn’t he? The gist of this one is that Santa catches a cold and Pete has to deliver the gifts. The message is although he is small, “at Christmas we give, so give it your all.”


Olive the Other Reindeer (Vivian Walsh)- This one is cute, but is a little advanced for her. Tumblebooks had it on their site last year, so the animation kept her attention. It’s about a little dog named Olive who mishears the lyrics to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (at the part where it says “all of the other reindeer” she thinks they’re saying “Olive, the other reindeer”), and decides that she must be a reindeer and has to go help Santa.

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Gingerbread Pirates (Kristin Kladstrup)- This one is definitely for the older kids. This one tells the story of a boy who makes gingerbread pirates with his mother to leave for Santa. His favorite is the peg-legged pirate Captain Cookie, who he brings to his room with him instead of leaving him for Santa. While the boy is asleep, Captain Cookie goes on an adventure to save his crew from being eaten by a terrible cannibal named Santa.

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If You Take a Mouse to the Movies (Laura Numeroff)- I love how these books mirror the train of thought of young kids. One thing they do reminds them of something else they want to do, which reminds them they want something, and so on and so forth until mom and dad want to pass the eff out. This is just the Christmas version, which involves popcorn garlands, Christmas trees, and ornaments.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Christmas books! The top few are my little one’s favorites, while the ones at the end are some of mine from when I worked at a childcare center. I can’t wait to read them to her when she’s older!

So what are your holiday favorites? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll be back tomorrow with something new!

Until next time