Blogmas Day 6: “You Can’t Catch Me, I’m the…”

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Today I’m coming to you with Blogmas day 6, and boy was it a fun one. A while back we had been walking through our local pharmacy and we came across both a gingerbread house kit and a giant gingerbread man. I asked my little one which she wanted and naturally, being two years old, she went back and forth for about 10 minutes trying to decide. When she finally responded with “gingerbread man” twice in a row, that’s the one we grabbed before she could change her mind again.

She had been bugging me for weeks to decorate him, so I finally caved over the weekend. When I cracked open the box, the freaking thing came with barely an ounce of icing, 10 gumdrops, and 5 peppermint candies. FOR REAL!?? WTF are we supposed to do with that? Thankfully I still had some leftovers from the Halloween stash. I took some Jolly Rancher squares and some M&Ms to give her some more options.

20181214_1757307695020660516439047.jpg                                        20181214_1811157225747233834207639.jpg

She wouldn’t have been able to sit still if I didn’t let her munch on some M&Ms, so of course she snuck some when I “wasn’t looking.” I let her pick out the candies and tell me where she wanted to put them. I helped her out with his head a little (I showed her where the facial features were supposed to go, but she picked out which candies she wanted), but other than that she did better than I expected.


Have you made a gingerbread house yet this season? Let’s see your masterpieces!

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll be back tomorrow to continue Blogmas with a list of my toddler’s favorite Christmas stories!