Blogmas Day 5: Holiday Decorating!

Good Morning, all! Today I’m coming to you with a holiday decor post. I usually decorate for Christmas on Black Friday (no, I don’t go shopping. If anything I shop online all weekend), but this year we needed to buy a new artificial tree. I slacked really bad and it didn’t come in until the following week.

My husband has been working crazy hours, so it was up to myself and the peanut to get everything decorated for Christmas. Firstly, can I just say how much I suck at putting together a prelit tree? I can never get the freaking wires in the right spots. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to color-code the wires before I take the tree down. Do I ever? That’s a big, fat NEGATIVE.  But seriously, it would save me about 15 minutes of frustration every year when I go to put it up.


Peanut was stoked about the tree (she had even tried to put it on her Santa list before mommy said the tree comes BEFORE Santa), but not really all that excited to decorate it.  I got her to hang one ornament before she ran away to watch Muppet Babies in her room.


I also made another candle ring, as well as a little display for a corner shelf that we have in our entry.  For fall I had a mix of pinecones and plastic pumpkins. For winter I hot glued some festive potpourri on a pretty gold plate and to the foam wreath form.


Her room is always decorated, too. Last year I made a cardboard fireplace that goes in front of the computer in her room (sidenote: no, our two-year old doesn’t have her own desktop. It’s my husband’s computer, but we unfortunately have no space to put it anywhere other than her room).



She also has her own mini fiber-optic tree with some little dollar store light-up characters on the top of the desk.


This year I actually skimped more than past years, just because I have an impossibly needy toddler at home this year. How about you? What does your holiday decorating look like? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and until next time!