Blogmas Day 4: Winter Painting!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Blogmas day 4! Thanks for sticking with me so far.

A while ago, I mentioned I was thinking of turning to art to help ease my anxiety/depression symptoms. So I decided to make some pretty winter scenes on canvas for the stairway into our apartment.

I had already planned to do this, and here’s why: for my bachelorette party in 2015, my girls took me to a wine and paint night. We had a blast painting a fall scene, and I got inspired to make another one shortly after. So I had this idea to create 3 canvasses for almost every season (3 for fall, 3 for winter, and 3 for spring/summer). I was totally slacking about this project I made for myself, until I decided to try art as an outlet for my anxiety.

These are the paintings I made for this winter. I followed three tutorials by Cinnamon Cooney on YouTube (The Art Sherpa).  They were really fun to make, but should you choose to do so, stock up on dark blue paint. I had to run out and get more!

So, what do you think, friends? Do you use art as a creative outlet? I have a bunch of art supplies on my wish list for Christmas, so I’m trying to get into making pretty things.

Until tomorrow, dear friends!