Blogmas Day 3: Top 10 Christmas Songs

Welcome to Blogmas Day 3, friends! Now, when I was younger, I was known to play Christmas music in September. I attribute this to being a musician and starting to play or sing Christmas songs that early in preparation for a holiday concert. Now that I have a little one, I’m more apt to wait until Black Friday to fire up the holiday tunes.  I know there are so many repeats of the same songs, but as long as they’re not exactly the same, I’ll listen to them all. So here are my top 10 Christmas songs to ring in the holiday season.


Baby It’s Cold Oustide (Idina Menzel and Michael Buble)

Warner Bros.

Yes, I know, how un-feminist of me to like this song. I am not offended in the least by anything in this song, and I actually have friends who are survivors of sexual assault that are appalled by the recent hate on this one. Some artists  have even changed the lyrics somewhat to make it less controversial, so not every version is as inappropriate as everyone makes it out to be.


Someday at Christmas (Stevie Wonder and Andra Day)

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Warner Bros.

As much as I can’t stand Apple, I do have them to thank for discovering this version (it was in one of their holiday commercials on TV). I love that they turned it into a duet, and Day’s soulful voice blends perfectly with Stevie Wonder’s.


Elf’s Lament (Barenaked Ladies and Michael Buble)



A little bit of comic relief for your holiday season. This song is about how the elves are overworked and underpaid, and how no one appreciates the toys they make anymore.


The Little Drummer Boy (Celtic Woman)


This version of the song gives me chills every time I hear it. It starts off with what sounds like a Gregorian chant and then blends into a snare drum solo before the lyrics start. It’s just hauntingly beautiful and definitely worth a listen.


Up on the Housetop (The Jackson 5)

Motown Records

This version is so cute as they made the lyrics personal to each member of the group. Not to mention it’s just insanely catchy.


Man with the Bag (Seth MacFarlane)

Republic Records

I don’t have this version anymore as it’s not available on Spotify. But Seth MacFarlane has proven himself more than just a comedic one-trick pony. He excels at anything with a big band feel, and this song is no exception.


Mary Did You Know (Pentatonix)


This song is beautiful, regardless of who sings it. Pentatonix, however, does by far the most amazing acapella version. It’s another one of those songs that gives me chills whenever it comes on.


Hey Santa! (Straight No Chaser)


Another acapella wonder, in my opinion. SNC is a group of college friends that got their break on YouTube. I love their original stuff, which tends to lean more to the side of silly parody. Great for a laugh around the holidays.


Santa Baby (The Pussycat Dolls)

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This is my favorite version of this song. The song is one of those that has always been unapologetically sexy, and this is by far the flirtiest. No offense to Eartha Kitt, but this one’s the best.

Do You Hear What I Hear? (Mary J. Blige feat. Jessie J.)


I love the harmonies in this song, and Mary J. Blige and Jessie J. do a fantastic job together. This is the only version of this song I’ve found sung as a duet, at it’s by far the best.

So friends, there’s my list of my top 10 Christmas songs. Check them out and get yourself in the holiday spirit!

Thanks for reading! Until tomorrow, dear readers!