Product Review: Kiss Artificial Nails

Hi everyone! Today I’m coming to you with a product review for Kiss Gel Fantasy Artificial Nails.

I am not someone who just needs to have their nails done all the time: I spend 99% of my time with bare nails. Manicures are expensive and my hands shake way too much to paint them myself. But I recently had a trauma to my nails that I had to cover up. I’m not sure how it happened, but I woke up one morning with one nail on each hand that had peeled up from the cuticle. I have had them peel before, but always from the tip, never from the cuticle. I would show you photos, but they were pretty gross. So I picked up these bad boys from the drugstore and gave them a shot. Here are my thoughts.


They cost less than $10, and are sometimes on sale BOGO 50% off.
The nails are one solid color all the way through. Many artificial nails are white plastic that is polished on top. This is important because I have a tough time with artificial nails to begin with (they feel so foreign to me!), and if they’re super long, forget it. Because these are a solid color, I was actually able to trim and file them, and the free edge doesn’t end up white.

The nails: pre-trim
What they look like after trimming and filing
See, no white edge!


The glue these nails come with kind of sucks. I bought the brush-on version, and it worked infinitely better. I just had to make sure I used the glue on both the artificial nail and my natural nail.

Tip: Use gloves if you have to hand-wash dishes while wearing these. If on the off-chance you ended up with an air bubble under the glue, the water might get in and the nail(s) will fall off.

All in all, I actually like using these. In this case, I kind of had to due to how gross my nails were, but I might use these when I just want to get a little fancy. I have a pack of the French manicure ones, which I’ll probably try next, I’ll just trim those too. I’ll let you know how it goes!