My Stay at Home Mom Wardrobe for Fall and Winter

Hi everyone! I’m SO ready for real fall/winter weather, how about you?
Today I’m coming to you with something that has intrigued me for a while: a capsule wardrobe. I’ve seen a lot of these pieces specifically targeted toward “stay at home” moms, but I honestly think I would have the same wardrobe even if I was still working outside the home (I’d obviously have to add work clothes). I got most of the list from It’s a great resource for those of us who want to NOT look like hot messes on a daily basis, but also accept the fact that our clothes will eventually be covered in all manner of bodily fluids by the end of the day.  Her style is classic and kind of preppy like mine, so I loved the majority of the pieces she uses in her capsules. She  does include pieces that don’t really suit my personal style or body type, so I switched them out for something else. And let’s get real, I LIVE in boots in the fall and winter, and this chick has 1 pair of tall boots. 
I’m going to show just a list of what I have in my closet for fall/winter, not because I’m being lazy but because I know that looking at the photos made me feel like I had to make my choices as similar as possible to those pictured. I also am incredibly frugal, so these pieces I either already had or I bought them at WalMart, Target, or on INSANE sale somewhere else (my last shopping trip was a few weeks ago. I spent $50 for $120 worth of items at Old Navy PLUS cash back using eBates. WIN!)

Tops                              Dresses/Bottoms

Striped tee                                                Simple dress (2)
3 plain tees                                                  Skinny jeans
Graphic tee                                               Black skinny jeans
White button down                                      Boot cut jeans
Tunic top                                                   Colored jeggings
Neutral shirt                                                    leggings
Color shirt
2 plaid tops
Fitted sweater
Oversize sweater
Loose sweater                                                            
Outerwear/Completer Pieces
Denim jacket
Winter coat
Vest (2)– I have a black fleece and an oatmeal colored fleece
Cute hoodie
Neutral cardigan
Colored cardigan
Leather jacket
Animal print scarf (lightweight)
Plaid scarf (lightweight)
Plain scarf (lightweight)
Plain scarf (winter)
Plaid scarf (winter)
Beanies (I’m OCD and I have a white one and a cranberry one that match my scarves)
Gloves (again, a cranberry pair and a white pair)
Embellished headband
Leather bag– I have more than one, but since I have a toddler who just CANNOT GO ANYWHERE without her dolls, books, and Fisher Price tablet, I bring a backpack
Simple necklaces (2)- I have a couple but I need to buy new chains for them
Stacked bracelets
Hoop earrings

White sneakers
Tall boots (black, brown)
Over the knee boots
Ankle boots
Running shoes

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of sick of wearing the same outfits all the time and wasting time and money trying to decide what to wear. Do you implement a system like this? How does it work for you? Let me know in the comments below!
Until next time, friends!