Bullet Journaling 101: Collections

Hi everyone! Today we’re continuing our series about something I’ve been doing lately to satisfy my love of stationery and organization: bullet journaling.  I am not one for trends, but when everyone and their mother was talking about bullet journaling and how it kept their life in order, I looked into it. I googled it and was immediately put off by all the insanely intricate layouts and drawings. A few months ago, my best friend asked me about whether or not I had heard of bullet journaling. I told her it all looked so complicated and that my OCD would stop me from actually enjoying it. Then I went through a period of daily anxiety and worry, and I decided I would try it to get my mind off the things that were bothering me. I’ve been through 4 journals and am now on my 5th, not because I have a lot to write, but because I was right about my OCD- I end up making layouts and hating them because there was something I wanted to add or I didn’t like the order in which I placed the sections. 

Bullet Journaling 101: Collections

Hi friends! Today we’re going to talk about the best part of a bullet journal: collections. You know how you always say “that’s on my bucket list” or “I should do that” but you never end up doing it? This is where collections come in. These are lists of literally ANYTHING you want. I might actually do this in a separate journal next year just so I won’t have to copy it into the next journal if I don’t get it all accomplished.
I have this part split into 3 sections: things that are just for me, things about peanut that I don’t want to forget, and things I want to get done around the house that might not need to be done right away.

In my “My Life in Lists” section I have:

Fitness goals (since there are only 4 months left in the year, I’ll probably extend this into next year)

Items I want/need for a capsule wardrobe (look for a post on that coming up!)

Self-care ideas for me time (left)
Things I just want or need (right)

Memories for the rest of the year (left)

A list of my favorite things that I haven’t actually finished yet (right)


a spread for funny/inspiring quotes from books or Pinterest

Funny or motivational lyrics

A dream log: every once in a while I have an EFFED UP dream that I need to write down before I give myself a panic attack thinking about it too much.

(left) Things that make me smile 

(right) Things I love about myself: make this list, like, yesterday people. We spend WAAAAYYYYY too much time and energy hating ourselves and not enough lifting ourselves up.

Movies/shows I need to see or binge watch (or re-watch)

Books I want to read

In the section for my peanut I have:

Things she needs

Ideas for her birthday party

Memories and milestones (and medical stuff I want to remember for her next physical)

In my home section I have:
    (left) DIYs I want to do around the house
    (right)A master chore list (I still have it just in case I forget something in my other layouts)

    A spot to log coupons I’ve clipped or have saved in my phone

    So friends, I hope you enjoyed my bullet journal series! Next post is getting back to toddler life! Get ready, because this is going to be a game changer if you have littles!