Bullet Journaling 101: Supplies

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to start another series about something I’ve been doing lately to satisfy my love of stationery and organization: bullet journaling.  I am not one for trends, but when everyone and their mother was talking about bullet journaling and how it kept their life in order, I looked into it. I googled it and was immediately put off by all the insanely intricate layouts and drawings. A few months ago, my best friend asked me about whether or not I had heard of bullet journaling. I told her it all looked so complicated and that my OCD would stop me from actually enjoying it. Then I went through a period of daily anxiety and worry, and I decided I would try it to get my mind off the things that were bothering me. I’ve been through 4 journals and am now on my 5th, not because I have a lot to write, but because I was right about my OCD- I end up making layouts and hating them because there was something I wanted to add or I didn’t like the order in which I placed the sections. 

If you want the real, official 411 about bullet journals in their basic form, I suggest you check out the bullet journal website by creator Ryder Carroll.  


I am a stationery and art supply junkie, so I had everything I needed (or wanted, really) at my disposal. You can make your journal as simple or intricate as you want. Many people (including myself) use this as a creative outlet, so here’s just what I have and recommend.
I love how thick the pages are. I can use pretty much any art supplies I want to create my layouts and they won’t leak. Just don’t use Sharpies, they WILL bleed.  Also I know they’re kind of expensive, but even dollar store pens will show through the back of the page with cheaper ones.
plain ol’ pencilto mark out my lines before I ink it up
Sharpie Pens ($3-$16)  
0.7 mm tip that doesn’t bleed through paper. Make sure they’re the pens and not the permanent markers. I use the black to make bold lines.

 teeny tiny point for everyday writing

fine lines (0.3mm) in gorgeous colors

– super cheap and work great if you’re on a budget

– watercolor pens in case I decide to get fancy with lettering or designs. Pricey, but I honestly got mine on Prime Day and they were cheaper. Also, I’ve never seen them actually sold for the MSRP.
Stay tuned next week for the next post about actually setting up your bullet journal (or at least how I set up mine)!
Until next time!