Fall Decor DIY: Fall Centerpiece

Since the kiddos are back to school at the end of the month, I decided it was time to start getting my space ready for the fall. I mean, I won’t go so far as to get my first PSL yet, but I do want to start making the apartment cozy and homey for the (eventually) cooler weather.  In this 3-part series, I’m going to show you all the little free-to-super cheap projects I’ve done that will make your space fall-ready and won’t take up a ton of seasonal storage space.

In this second installment of Fall Decor DIY I’m going to show you how I made a really cute seasonal centerpiece for my dining table with items I mostly got from the Dollar Tree! My old setup was kind of bulky and tall. I had a couple of vases with fake daisies and sunflowers and a giant glass bowl with a candle and river rocks or gravel. Since I was switching out the flowers and the bowl fillers seasonally, it took up a ton of space. This adorable wreath/candle ring solves that problem because I’ll only be storing one piece!

I used

  • foam wreath form (Dollar Tree)
  • burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree)
  • fabric fall leaves (Dollar Tree)
  • harvest bowl filler mix (it’s kind of like potpourri with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and pinecones; I got mine at Hobby Lobby last year)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

1. Use some hot glue to secure the end of the burlap ribbon to the wreath form. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the form so that it is completely covered, and use some more glue to secure the end of the ribbon to the foam.
2. Next I glued leaves in alternating colors in a ring on the top of the wreath. I glued down the inside edges of the leaves so they lay flat against the wreath.
3. I then glued some small pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones from the harvest mix on top of the leaves.
4. I placed a large seasonal candle in the middle of the ring.

There it is, friends! A nice and simple fall centerpiece that is cute but takes up barely any space on your table or in storage!

If you try and make this, post a photo in the comments!

Until next time!