Munchkin’s New Room Theme

For those of you who don’t know, we named our daughter after a certain ass-kicking child assassin in HBO’s Game of Thrones.  So when it came to her nursery, of course I took the theme and ran with it.  We’re talking a weirwood tree on her wall with baby versions of the noble families’ sigils, framed quotes and maps of Westeros, and a signpost pointing to all the main locations in the show and novels.  But now that she’s getting older (she’ll be two in October), I figured I would make the room more about her and her interests. Now we all know that kids’ favorite things change approximately every two seconds, but one thing that has remained constant with little monkey is her love of reading.  I read her first book to her the night I brought her home from the hospital, and she has been a little bookworm ever since, just like her mommy!

So instead of choosing a theme like Minnie Mouse or princesses for her “big girl room,” I wanted to work around a reading theme.  I created a little nook for her to read her books, and you’ll recognize the background if you read my collapsible castle post (yeah, the boxes I used did not hold up well to constantly putting it up and taking it down. If you have the room, make it permanent because it really was cute. So rather than throwing it out, I cut off the front and stapled it to the wall.)

I also made silhouettes of her favorite storybook characters and wrote a quote from each book on the frame.  I used teal because in addition to the yellow and gray I originally chose, I decided to add some teal and aqua as accent colors.

I really liked my sign post that I had put up for the GoT theme, so I remade it with a storybook theme instead, with each sign pointing to a different storybook location.

It’s not quite finished yet, but I think this was a good choice for a theme. I figure it’s broad enough that I can change out the frames, but not so narrow that she’d get sick of a particular character.

What do you think? Have you found any other unique themes for a little one’s room? Let me know in the comments!