Product Review: The Pocket Mouse

The Pocket Mouse

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I haven’t been feeling myself lately, so I decided I’d practice what I preach and take some time for myself.  But now I’m back, this time with a review for an As Seen on TV product. 

When I use my laptop, I use a wireless mouse because using the trackpad makes my hands cramp up and my right pinky locks up. Enter The Pocket Mouse. I saw the infomercial for this guy and became intrigued.  I felt like it might offer more accuracy when writing/ drawing/editing photos. I found it on clearance for 50% off at my local pharmacy, so I figured I’d give it a try. 

The Pocket Mouse is basically a pen-shaped wireless mouse. It runs on one AAA battery, and you just plug the receiver into a USB port on your device. The cool thing about it is that it works on practically any surface. I use my laptop while sitting on my couch and it is small enough to be used right on the side of the trackpad. I do occasionally project my laptop screen onto my TV, and it’s nice to be able to use it with my wireless keyboard and be able to use the pen right on my leg or the surface of the couch.

However, The Pocket Mouse is not without its flaws. If you are left-handed, I don’t know how the hell you would use it. The left mouse button equivalent is on the top, and the right mouse button equivalent is on the left. If you’re right handed, to right click you use your thumb. This means if you’re holding it with your left hand, the right mouse button is covered by your finger. Serious design flaw right there. It also does take a bit of getting used to the fluid movement of the pen and trying to click and drag.  When I was first using it, I kept clicking on the wrong things because the pen slipped when I clicked the left mouse button.  Also the product page claims that its pen-shaped design “makes it a comfortable alternative for those with arthritis or hand pain.” I’m not sure if that’s true, since many people with arthritis have a difficult time managing something as small and narrow as a pen. 
So to recap:


  • Wireless range of 30 feet
  • Writes on almost any surface
  • Small enough to manipulate directly on a laptop
  • More accurate than a traditional optical mouse
  • Can also be used as a stylus on touch screen devices


  • Only good if you’re right-handed
  • Takes some getting used to manipulating properly
  • Would probably make your hand cramp up if you have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or are prone to hand pain

All in all, I’d give the Pocket Mouse a B-. It personally works better than a traditional optical mouse for my particular needs, but I can see how its design would be problematic for other users.