Self Care for When You "Have No Time"

Self care is being talked about everywhere these days. There is no denying the physical and mental health benefits of putting ourselves first. But there’s also no denying we are all busy as hell. Between work, family, housework, and everything else, who has time to take up a hobby or take a class?
There are ways to work in self care regardless of how much time we can spare.
At the bare minimum, we can multitask.

  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook on your commute or during your workout.
  • Blast the tunes and have a dance party while doing housework.
  • Grab a pretty bouquet of flowers while you’re at the grocery store. I know that when the apartment is clean, candles are lit, and I have pretty flowers to look at, I’m immediately in a better mood.
  • I color my hair at home, so while it processes, I soak in a bath.

Here are some ideas if you have some more time:
  • go for a walk
  • sit outside with a drink and read/color/write/do a puzzle etc. (I know that I feel so much better when I’m just hanging out outside)
  • watch something funny on TV
… or just do anything you want. That’s really all its about: making time for you and what you enjoy.