Cold Brew Coffee Made Easy

I am not your typical New Englander who drinks iced coffee year round. I enjoy the fact that we have seasons, so I take full advantage of that fact by having hot drinks in fall and winter and cold drinks in spring and summer.
I am also really cheap, so I cannot fathom paying for a single cup of coffee at Dunkin’ (or even worse, Starbucks) when I could make almost 2 liters of it for the same price. Cold brew in particular is such a rip off, especially when it’s SO easy to make. You can make it one of 2 ways: in a smaller batch in a jar, or a large batch in a pitcher. I do the latter because I like knowing I can just fill a cup and go, especially since I usually have more than one cup a day (#mommylife).
You’ll need:
A pitcher filled to about 2 inches from the top with cold water
Regular coffee grinds (the amount depends on how much you’re making and how strong you like you’re coffee)
Coffee filters
Empty pitcher for finished coffee
Sweetener and creamer (optional)
1. Add coffee grounds to pitcher of water and stir. I like to add my sweetener at this point so it can steep along with the coffee. I find that this helps counteract the bitterness of the coffee as it steeps in the fridge.
2. Leave the pitcher in the fridge for at least 12 hours or overnight.
3. In the morning, put a coffee filter in the seive and use it to strain to coffee into the other pitcher. I add the creamer at this point and keep it in the fridge.
That’s it folks: an entire pitcher of cold brew to get you runnin’ without the Dunkin’ (for less than a cup of theirs).