Top Fiction Series

It is no secret that I am a fantasy nerd (I grew up in the Harry Potter generation, after all). I am also not ashamed to admit my affinity for young adult novels.  I feel like they are written with such attention to detail that it is impossible not to envision what everything looks like in your imagination. Apart from good ol’ HP, these are my favorite fantasy/paranormal/historical fiction series that are totally worth reading.

Shadowhunters Series
by Cassandra Clare

Basically this series is about this group of half-human, half-angel beings called Shadowhunters that protect us lowly “mundanes” from the literal demons and other “Downworld” that could cause us harm (vampires, werewolves, etc). Clare has produced other spin-off series about the Shadow World which are supposed to precede the original series.  If you have cable, Freeform picked up the rights to this series a few years ago. While not as bad as the ONE movie they made, it definitely deviates from the books quite a bit.

The Heroes of Olympus Series
by Rick Riordan

I LOVE mythology, Greek and Roman in particular. This series is great, just don’t watch the epic fails that were the film adaptations of the first two books in the Percy Jackson series.  The first series and the spinoff follow demigod children of both the Greek and Roman incarnations of the gods (Percy Jackson series is about the Greek demigods, while the spinoff follows the Roman demigods. Some of the characters cross over into both). Every adventure is connected to all the myths of both cultures, but is written in a more “highlight-reel version,” which obviously makes it more geared toward younger readers.

Seven Sisters
by M. L. Bullock

This one doesn’t have the deepest of plots, but it’s an easy read for a creepy night when you’re home alone. It kept coming up on my FaceBook feed and it was cheap, so I figured “what the heck,” so I bought it.  It’s about a woman who moves to Mobile, Alabama to restore a haunted Antebellum mansion. She also has a paranormal gift: she dreams about the past.  This gift is triggered by her proximity to the mansion. It’s great for a quick read between doctors appointments or at the beach.

Shades of Magic Series 
by V.E. Schwab

Shout out to by BFF Felicia for bringing me this one. I have to start this one with a bit of a disclaimer: I’ve only actually read the first one. I’m still waiting for my turn for the second one at the library, but the premise of this series is too intriguing for me to dislike. In the series, magic is it’s own entity within each person. It is something to be respected, and not controlled. There are parallel worlds that are joined by one city: London. Each world has their own London, and each one is very different. Grey London is the one in our world, a world without magic.  Red London is full of magic with a vibrant society. White London is a place of bloodshed, power struggles, and deceit. Black London was a place where magic took over and it was cut off like a gangrenous limb to save the other worlds.  The main character Kell is a Traveler, one of the only people able to travel between these worlds. He meets up with pickpocketing street-rat Lila, who becomes his unwanted sidekick on a dangerous mission that takes them through all the Londons and could cost them their lives. It’s awesome.

Sigma Force
by James Rollins

If you liked the Robert Langdon Series by Dan Brown, you’ll love this one.  It’s part science, part archaeology, part military, all action, and ALL AWESOME.  It’s about a team from DARPA (which is a real thing, BTW) made of operatives who each specialize in a certain field- biology, chemistry, tech, biology, linguistics, etc. and investigate cases of terrorism using modern or ancient technology that poses a threat to humanity. Seriously, just read it. Every one I’ve read so far (there are 18 and counting, I’ve read four) is just pulse-pounding, can’t-put-the-damn-thing-down action. Go check it out.