Taco Bowls- What’s Cooking Wednesday

Trying to eat healthy is tough, especially when certain ingredients are kind of bland and difficult to cook with. Take quinoa for instance. I first tried quinoa a few years ago, and I tried it every single way in every recipe you could imagine, and I freaking hated it. Until I made it taco flavored. It is literally the only way I’ll eat it. That little packet of taco seasoning (or if you’re brave, try making your own!) makes eating healthier so much easier. And let’s be honest: Taco Tuesday is starting to get a little overdone, no? So I came up with this little recipe, which is yet another quick and easy weeknight meal. It is especially easy because I tend to prep my grains beforehand (I make it with yellow rice for the hubs, but quinoa for myself).

Taco Bowls

1 lb beef, cut into cubes (a cheap cut works just fine for this recipe)

1 t minced onion

1 t minced garlic

2 T olive oil

½ packet of taco seasoning

½ cup bell pepper, diced or cut into strips

Precooked grain of choice

Your favorite taco toppings, like

                     Ÿ Tomato

                     Ÿ    Shredded cheese

                     Ÿ    Shredded lettuce

                     Ÿ Salsa

                     Ÿ Sour cream

1.       Heat oil in a skillet at medium heat. Add minced onion and garlic and cook until they become fragrant.

2.       In a mixing bowl, coat beef with taco seasoning. Add beef to skillet and cook on medium until cubes are browned (about 10 minutes).

3.       Add peppers to the pan and continue cooking for another 5 minutes or until peppers are soft.

4.       Serve over grain of choice (this dish works best with yellow rice, but for some extra protein I use quinoa for myself).

5.       Add whatever taco toppings you like and enjoy!


So there you have it: another quick and easy weeknight meal that will make the whole family happy and doesn’t involve waiting half an hour on a Tuesday night at the infamous drive through made famous by a talking Chihuahua.