Too Busy Working on My Own Grass to Notice if Yours is Greener…

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others often? Unfortunately, it’s human nature. We either compare ourselves to someone else in a way that makes us feel better or worse, and it’s usually the latter. We think about what life would be like if we had his/her looks, money, job, LIFE. Or we do the opposite, “THANK GOD we don’t look/act/sound like that.” It helps us put ourselves on a pedestal compared to someone else. (Hopefully you’re not doing that out loud. If you are, knock it off. You’re being a bully and bullies suck. Grow up.) There’s a big difference between being grateful for what you have because someone else’s situation is much worse, and just using someone else’s misfortune to make yourself feel better.
If you’re someone who is on the envy end of the spectrum, listen up. You will NEVER have their life and they will NEVER have yours. For goodness sake, this is real life, not Freaky Friday.  Wasting time thinking about how your life would be amazing if you were in someone else’s situation will not make yours any better. So, I’ll ask you this: What do you want in your own life, with the cards God/fate/the universe has dealt you?  Do you want to be healthy? Time to make a change with your habits. Want to get better at something you enjoy? Practice, practice, practice.
Next time you find yourself becoming insecure and comparing your life to someone else’s (and let’s face it: you probably only get the highlight reel) think about the good things you have, and what you want from them. Challenge yourself to play the cards in front of you at this moment in time.  Spend time taking care of yourself and your own situation, and you soon you won’t notice if your neighbor’s grass is greener.