Motivational Monday- A Bird Sitting in a Tree…

Bird in a Tree

Change is difficult for us as humans.  We hate it.  We resist it.  We avoid it like the plague. Most change sucks, and I call bullshit on anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.  Now, not ALL change is bad.  When we CHOOSE to make a change to better ourselves or our situation, we feel great!  But many times unforeseen events (a bad breakup, being laid off, loss of a loved one, financial struggles, etc.) can force our hands. These circumstances can lead to negative thoughts and insecurities.
Insecurities plague EVERYONE, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, or physical appearance.  Whether it be at work or in their personal life, everyone has their moments when they feel like absolute crap about themselves. Everyone has a little voice in their head that repeats something they once heard from a former boss, coworker, friend, ex, or classmate that made them question themselves.  That voice says stupid shit like this:
“Beggars can’t be choosers. You’re a fugly cow. He was the best you’ll ever get.”

“You suck at your job. No wonder they laid you off.”

“Your kids hate you. You’re failing as a parent.”

“You failed that test. You’re an idiot.”

Well, it’s about time we told that little voice to SHUT. THE. EFF. UP. The simple act of caring whether or not you’re good enough means you ARE good enough. Someone who is terrible at what they do DOESN’T CARE that they’re terrible. A crappy employee doesn’t care that they suck at their job. A shitty parent DOESN’T CARE if they’re a shitty parent. An abusive spouse/lover DOES NOT CARE when they’re being abusive.
So let’s do a little internal editing shall we? Every time that asshole’s voice is about to come into our heads and is threatening to knock us down, our powerful voices will say this instead.
“Fugly cow? That moron couldn’t handle my fine ass if he had an instruction manual.”

“A pink slip? That’s fine. I’m an awesome worker and I know my stuff. I could get a job wherever I want.”

“I’m a crappy parent because my kids hate me? Bitch please, that’s my job. I’m their mom, not their friend.”

“I failed that test? Tests are hard, and I didn’t sleep the night before. I’ll just try harder next time.”

So trust your wings, not the branch you’re sitting on. Believe in yourself more than your situation.  Because you are more than enough. You are an awesome, powerful, intelligent human being. You’ve got this.